Stop Concealer Creasing!

I’ve seen wayyyy too many women who have indefinite makeup creasing under their eyes. Most of it is due to oiliness, fine lines, and dry skin – or maybe a combination of the above. My point is, once you hit the age of 35 (some, even younger), the skin under our eyes tends to be more dried out. Besides hydrating yourself constantly, there’s a number of things you can do, to minimize concealer/foundation creasing under the eyes.

First, use an eye cream before applying makeup. My favorite is Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream. Pat lightly around the eye with ring finger, and make sure it is absorbed before adding anything else. I usually wait a few mins – sometimes I do my hair or something else before coming back to my face. Then, add a hint of primer (very minimal) – make sure it doesn’t have specks of shimmer. Using a tapered brush, take a little bit of concealer and lightly pat along the under eye area, making sure the cover mostly the problem spots. If the color is too off your foundation color, then you can go over it very, very lightly with foundation, but be sure to pat, not rub, otherwise it defeats the purpose. Then, use a very fine translucent powder (I use MAC’s Prep and Prime Finishing Powder) – tap off the excess and apply with a flat eyeshadow/concealer brush- the way to apply this is to gently press the brush down under the eye area, holding it to the skin for a moment to allow the concealer & primer to set into the skin. The brush is small, so you will have to repeat this step several times until you’ve covered the entire under eye area. Make sure you apply this underneath the lower lash line, as this area tends to get oily and thus, creasing occurs. A brush like this works best because there are no frayed out bristles to disturb the creamy concealer, like those found on a fluffy eye shadow brush. Finally, apply your skin toned & brightening powders under the eye using your favorite soft, fluffy eye shadow brush. Again, use these minimally. That’s it, you’re old set, my dolls! For further questions, simply email me.

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