Hide Fine Lines w/Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch

Getting old is no fun – especially once you hit your 30s and realize that the skin under your eyes is getting thinner and..gasp!..you see your very first fine lines. Lines that you never noticed when you were in your 20s. I noticed these lines under my eyes when I was at makeup school (I had just hit 30), and we had our first photo shoot. These photos were shown to the class to display and critique the artist’s work..and my instructor pointed out my lines – which were VERY pronounced in the image!! I was ready to cry, because I never noticed these before! Of course the camera magnifies this, but still, it was difficult for me to process that I was aging! Over the years, I started noticing these more, and have been using all sorts of anti age serums. I even have friends undergoing Botox because of this..but that’s def a drastic approach for me.

So..I recently ordered Clarins Instant Smoothing Perfecting Touch at $30 for a half  ounce, after reading the reviews. While I don’t think this removes the fine lines for life – it does iron them out for a few hours, depending on how deep they are. I noticed that my left eye fine lines were less noticeable than my right. Perhaps I added more product to my left – I’m not sure. But, I’m gonna keep on using this every morning and see if there’s a lot of progress. The worst thing is that I have blue/green veins that show under my eyes since I was a child, and always have been using salmon concealer to cancel this out – but now with the fine lines, the concealer tends to crease if I’m not careful. So..with Clarins, I’m hoping this will fix this issue for the time being. Also, this product comes with a spatula – I suggest using this to apply the cream, then wait about 10 mins, then using the spatula again, go over the area one more time to spread it out once it’s been absorbed by the skin. It doesn’t hurt, and I do the 2nd spatula run right after I dry my hair in the mornings. Then, go on and apply makeup! I’ll write more on this later and decide if it’s a go ahead cream or nonsense. Till then, my loves, enjoy and don’t let fine lines ruin your day!! xoxo


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