MAC’s Crushed Metallic Pigmented Eyeshadow

So I ordered all of MAC’s metallic pigmented eyeshadow colors, all 9 of them – they are dual colored, so looks absolutely amazing on brides. However, it is a limited edition item – which a lot of the good stuff on MAC is – now that I need a replacement, I have to spends loads of $$ for it! Why can’t they keep a backlog of these, instead of just coming out with them only for the holidays?

Now, initially when I brought these, it was difficult to use because with all loose pigments, a little goes a long way. If you use too much on your flat shadow brush, it doesn’t get evenly distributed on the lid, causing looks such as TinMan (from Wizard of Oz) – which is a big no-no! Remember, tap your brush of excess shadow and then just stipple it on your lid, do not rub. You can be your own makeup artist! xoxo


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