On This Nude Beach, the Clothing May Be Optional, But Moisturizing, Shiny Lip Color Is Required: The Bobbi Brown Tube Tints From the Nude Beach Collection

My makeup mantra this summer: all roads lead to surfer chicks and Las Vegas showgirls.

But there’s a problem with this — and you might not think it would be an issue, but it is! It’s hard to find beachy nude glosses that I can actually see on my lips.

They’re either so milky and opaque that I look like a third-tier backup dancer in a Nicki Minaj video, or so completely sheer that I look like I just gave up and used that crusty jar of Carmex that’s been sitting at the bottom of my bag since the mid-2000s.

I’m looking for that perfect blend of laid back beach babe, rhinestones, feather boas and glam, and I think I found it over at Bobbi Brown.

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