Tarte’s Clay Waterproof Eyeliner – a big YES!!

I’ve been looking high and low for the perfect eyeliner for my clients. Something that does not dry up not deteriorate once it’s on the eyes. Most of the eyeliners that I’ve used in the past do not last more than a couple of hours. It does not matter how expensive or cheap it is – it just doesn’t work. Then..a client of mine introduced me to Tarte’s Amazonian clay waterproof liner – and I am smittened!! I can’t get enough – and I swear by it to my brides. The only downfall, if any, is that when you get near the bottom of the pot, usually after a few weeks of usage, it tends to dry out. But, at only $24 a pot, it’s completely worth it. Your eyes will thank you and you’ll never want to go back to pencil or cake liner again. I don’t use the brush that it comes with, as I’m not too fond of its texture – but you can use just about any angled brush with this. I like to use MUD’s angle brush #210, as shown here:

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