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Hello Beautiful Brides to Be!

Here are the answers to the questions I get most frequently:

Q: If I think I know what I want do I really need a trial run?
A: I have been asked this question many times. Although sometimes circumstances call for a bride not to have time for a trial run. I strongly reccomment one. Many of the photos of wedding hairstyles in magazines have additions of hair pieces and extensions strategically placed to give the illusion of height, length and fullness. It’s very important for me to see the length and texture of your hair to make sure I can achieve your dream style. Some magazine photos also have the help of Photoshop and retouching to give the illusion of perfect skin. I would need to see your skin in person and we can see what would work best on your skin? I also want to work with you before your wedding day so that when you say “smokey eye,” we can make sure that you mean the exact same thing that I do when I say “smokey eye.” Believe me, it can be very, very different, and we both want you happy on your big day.

Q: What should I bring to the trial?
A: The best-case scenario would be for you to bring photos of things you like and photos of things you don’t. You can also email me photos that will be placed in your file. Look for hairstyles you admire and makeup applications you are attracted to. When you see that picture that makes you say “yuck!” – bring that too. It’s easier for you and me to be on the same page when we can eliminate the bad from the good. Please note that I DO NOT have photos at the trial, so it is important to bring your own. If you do not bring any photos, and you are super specific, you may still leave disappointed if you can't clearly describe in professional hair/makeup terms what you want. If your background is not cosmetology or makeup, pictures will save us both a lot of time and energy. Please show up with CLEAN DRY HAIR and no makeup. You may use your normal skincare products.

If you are wearing a hair piece (tiara, veil, special adornment) bring it if you can. It will allow you to see a vision of what you will look like. If you can’t bring it for whatever reason, don’t stress—we will work it out. If you plan on wearing fresh flowers, please let me know. I can bring silk flowers for the trial so you can get an idea. It’s also a good idea to wear a shirt with a similar neckline as your dress. If that’s not an option – no worries, I can work around anything.

Please note to friends and family to give you some time alone to work with your stylist sometimes friends and family can have an effect on what the bride really wants.. Some helpful advice for the mother, mother-in-law to be, and all of those helpful friends with strong opinions: Let the bride speak for herself!

Q: What if I think I need a second trial, do you give a discount for that?
A: I allow 2.5 hours for the initial trial run, and 9 times out of 10, I can find out what you want. If you aren't sure or are completely at a loss as to what you want, don't book the trial yet. Look through magazines and tear out some pages so I can at least get an idea. Once you have at least a general sense of whether you want your hair up or down, curly or straight, etc. - then feel free to book a trial. I do not give discounts for 2nd trials.

Q: I only want my hair done (or just my makeup), because my friend/stylist I’ve been going to for years is going to do the other service – is this ok?
A: Although I will do just your hair or just your makeup, I prefer to do both. When you use the same person for both services, you’re guaranteed to have one cohesive, harmonious style for your hair and makeup. If this other person doesn’t do this on a regular basis, their time management skills may also differ from mine. If you do prefer for me to do only hair or only makeup, please let me know in advance who will be doing the other half so that we can collaborate on the time and the style. The most important thing is for you, the bride to feel at ease all day and not have to worry about anything.

Q: I plan on changing dresses before the reception; can I also change my hair or enhance my makeup so everything flows together?
A: Yes, absolutely! This has become very popular in recent years. If you are using my services on an ala carte basis, I would just charge a “hair change” fee along with the appropriate amount of time it would take to touch you up. If you have chosen the day rate, this service is included and you won’t incur any additional charges.



Q: My mom’s/mother-in-law’s/bridesmaid’s day-to-day look is a bit dated, and I’m afraid that if they insist on doing their own look, it will take away from the style I envision. I want to include them – how can I do this without hurting their feelings?
A: This can be a sticky subject, especially if it’s an in-law’s style that’s in question. The bottom line is that everyone should look polished for YOUR wedding. I have worked with the most challenging of situations regarding this. The best solution is for you to “treat” these individuals to their beauty services on the day of the wedding, and to stress how important it is to you that everyone’s look “goes together” and that the wedding party’s look is cohesive. Let them know I will listen to their every need and concern and do as much or as little as they like.

Q: I have big eyes/small eyes/flat eyelids/double eyelids—can you work with you..
A: There isn't an eye shape I haven't seen. I am confident that I can shape any eye into your desired look.

Q: I am getting married in Bahamas or Las Vegas. —do you travel with me?
A: Destination weddings can be an incredibly beautiful experience, but preparations can be stressful if you aren’t familiar with the local stylists. If going overseas is in your future, it’s hard to get in a “trial run” before the day of your wedding, and who knows if a local stylist will be able to achieve your dream look. I do travel all over the world to do hair, makeup and personal styling for future brides. Pricing for this is different than what is listed on the service page. Please e-mail me for a custom quote.

Q: What payments do you accept?
A: I accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard

Q: How can I reserve my wedding date?
A: I accept $100 deposits in the form of cash or credit card. Once you know how many people want which services, a simple agreement will be drawn up and emailed to you for approval. Once signed and returned with deposit, your day is considered booked. Deposits are non-refundable.

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