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Mascara Magic For Luscious Eye Lashes

Few women in the world are there who would not want long, dark and luscious eyelashes. One quick solution to get the perfect eyelashes on your eyelids is to apply mascara. Mascara highlights your eyes and helps you get the look that you want. Put them on and keep people around you charmed with your batting eyelashes.

How to apply on your eye lashes: Hold the wand at the base of your eyelashes and strike it up. As you do so, wiggle the wand. This is the trick by which your eyelashes get separated, giving your eyes a beautiful look. After you think you have finished, close your eye, and swipe the wand from on top of your eyelashes. This will remove any clamps on the lashes. Try to stop breathe in and out for a few moments when you are applying the mascara on your eye lashes. This will prevent any shakes and have your hand steady while you apply it, without smudging it.


Bridal Makeup Tips And Tricks

The D day. Every girl awaits this day in their life. On the verge of entering a new life they also want to look their best on the podium. They want not only the audience to be in awe, but also her to-be husband to fall in love with her again just before saying ‘I do.’ The entire trick to set you apart from the crowd is a proper bridal makeup. The correct Bridal makeup tips and tricks would help you look great on the day.


Makeup Powders: Oil Free Smooth Skin

How to apply powders: Before applying powder on your face, throat and neck see to it that the foundation have blended perfectly on your skin, and has no blobs or unevenness on the skin. Then blot a tissue paper on your face and softly wipe off. This will get the extra foundation on the tissue, giving you a natural look. Next, take some powder on the applying puff or sponge and press it on your face, one place at a time. Never, never, never rub your face with the puff in an attempt to apply the powder. Once done, brush off the excess powder with a brush, and do It gently. Be careful that the powder does not adhere to the facial fine hairs. Also as you brush remember to get the strokes in a downward motion else the facial hairs will stand up giving you a fuzzy look, which is certainly not desirable. If you have already got those fine lines of aging then avoid using these makeup powders as they may get accumulated and look odd.


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